While the UW Navs ministry focuses on student ownership and leadership, we have many staff that help out on campus by leading Bible studies, meeting new students, training in discipleship, planning events, sharing the gospel, and caring for those around them. Look for their faces while you’re on campus!


Kolten and Katie Powell

The Powells are entering their 9th year on staff with the Wyoming Navs, and both are graduates of the University of Wyoming. Katie also runs a photography business in Laramie when she is not on campus. They enjoy taking their dog for walks, driving around in the mountains, and raising their daughter Elise!



Neil Larson

Neil is entering his 6th year on staff with the Navs, and is starting to consider Laramie his home after graduating from Colorado State University. He is a punk-rock kid from a cowboy town, and an expert on rangeland vegetation. He is married to Abi, a teacher at a local Christian academy, and can usually be spotted with Wiley (their Golden Retriever puppy).



Tucker and Abbey Bennett

Tucker is entering his 4th year on staff with the Collegiate Navs, and Abbey is entering her 2nd. They came to Laramie by way of Colorado Springs, but they are now official Laramigos. They are expecting their first child in November of 2020!



Hannah Carr

Hannah is entering her 3rd year of staff after graduating from the University of Wyoming. She was one of the best throwers on the UW track team, but she’s known more now for throwing down her sick dance moves. She also can lead an impromptu Zumba class at the drop of a hat.



Max Burris

Max is entering his 2nd year on staff after graduating from the University of Wyoming. He’s always ready to toss the frisbee, shoot some hoops, or school you in your favorite video game. He became a Christian in college, and is passionate about reaching new students with the same hope he found during his time in Laramie.



Chanelle Bole

Chanelle is also entering her 2nd year on staff after graduating from the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs. She is passionate about making new friends and sharing the gospel, and about snuggling up with Lulu (her spunky French Bulldog).



Mike Hess

Mike is new to the Nav staff world after just graduating from the University of Wyoming. He began following Jesus in college, and is excited to share his story with new students. He is always down to share a funny story, and is a big fan of his hometown Philadelphia Eagles…for some reason.